TactEagle designs, manufactures and markets rugged and dependable led tactical flashlights which are widely used in military, law enforcement, policing, hunting etc.

We’re a company of users. We know quality assurance and customer service are the base of our success. Our products are all designed for a specific purpose: to provide users all over the world with tough and reliable tactical flashlights at the most affordable price.


General Use


Quality products with good service are the base of success. Work with us to provide customers with our rugged flashlights guaranteed by 5-year warranty, you don’t need to worry about customers will complain about quality. With our marketing supports, you will know you are not alone when you fight in the market.


OEM/ODM Service

We can affordably design a 100% custom led flashlight for you.

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I love camping and hiking. Tacteagle flashlight is my good friend. I carry them every time when I go out for they are helpful and reliable.

Henrich, Bekar Agency

Tacteagle flashlight is the best flashlight I ever used. After years of intensive use, the flashlight is almost the same as a new one.

Henrich, Bekar Agency

I love shooting, diving, climbing. I love seeking adventure. I have been using Tacteagle flashlight for years, during which, it has never abandoned me.

Henrich, Bekar Agency

Tacteagle Police Flashlight

April 24th, 2017|Police|

Police flashlight as the flashlight for exceptional uses, it requires some uncommon components. This article will indicate you Tacteagle police flashlights highlights. Police flashlight, long-go flashlight as an exceptional utilization of military and police utilize, you need an extensive variety of favorable circumstances, splendid police flashlight is a police hardware, [...]

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How to Choose High Power Flashlight

April 21st, 2017|Police|

Diverse individuals may take high power in an unexpected way, for instance, some may think flashlights that can deliver 200 lumen light are high power flashlight; while some may believe that can discharge 500 lumen light are high power. What is your sentiment? Regardless of what high power alludes to, [...]

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Tacteagle Explosion-proof Flashlights

April 19th, 2017|Police|

Unlike ordinary household flashlights, explosion-proof flashlight has some special uses. Explosion-proof flashlight can be used for fire, electricity, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and explosive places to provide mobile lighting. Geological exploration, tourism adventure, coastal defense patrol, rescue relief, field operations, airport inspection, archeology and fire command, criminal [...]

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